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Mansinthe - New absinthe made by Marilyn Manson

Mariyln Manson absinthe

August 2007

Its official, Gothic rock god Marilyn Manson is releasing his own brand of absinthe. "Mansinthe" as it has been dubbed is due to hit distributors and retailers at the end of August 2007.

So where can you buy Mansinthe? Well don't rush out to your local liquor store just yet, this drink will not be available in the US due to FDA restrictions on wormwood / thujone the active ingredient in absinthe. It appears that sales will be limited to European countries where absinthe bans have recently been lifted including EU countries and some eastern block countries. They also appear to be seeking distributors in south East Asia where absinthe laws may not be established.

Mansinthe has been long awaited by both fans of Marilyn Manson and absinthe coinsures both of which are often known for eclectic tastes and Goth following.

Production appears to be in full swing and pre-orders are selling out. The concept started over two years ago and has been a collaborative efforts with a German based company - Absinthvertrieb Lion and a Swiss producer. The absinthe is a Swiss style absinthe

Absinthe, first commercially produced in 1798 is a type of liquor made with the herb Wormwood; this herb gives absinthe its distinctive taste and is thought to have a slight psychoactive effect. For this reason as well as a series of unfortunate events combined with pressure from the wine industry absinthe was banned in most countries with a wave of prohibition that swept the world in the early 1900s. In recent years absinthe has made a comeback with the easing of restrictions in the EU and the recent lifting of the ban in Switzerland. For more information read our article on "what is absinthe?"

Mansinthe Marilyn Manson



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